Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

  • 1. EARNING POINTS - Members will be awarded 1 point(s) for £01 spent at Poachers Cottage. It’s that simple. Furthermore, being a highly valued member within our exclusive program, you will receive several gifts, discounts, and savings month in month out. You will always receive personalized recognition, outstanding service, and extraordinary quality. Your 100% satisfaction is our top priority.

  • 2. Poachers Cottage Rewards offers and discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.

  • 3. Your offers, discounts, and points accrual are only available at participating Poachers Cottage locations.

  • 4. No purchase is necessary join the Poachers Cottage Reward Programme.

  • 5. Gift Cards: Points are earned for the purchase of gift cards. Points are not earned when gift cards are used as payment.

  • 6. All transactions will send an Email or SMS with the amount of points you earned on the transaction. You can view all purchase history in your account.

  • 7. Your profile will show total points in your account, rewards earned but not yet redeemed and any incentive offers you are eligible for.

  • 8. You may receive complimentary offer incentives via Email or SMS. Incentive offers may be issued in recognition of events, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

  • 9. To redeem an offer, simply mention at checkout. Showing the offer is not necessary. You may request your point total at any time.

  • 10. Points earned on a transaction can be applied towards subsequent transaction. Points earned during a transaction cannot be applied to the current transaction.

  • 11. Points redeemed during reward redemption are deducted from your account balance at time of redemption.

  • 12. Reward Goal Offers may be limited to one per transaction.

  • 13. Offers, incentives, and rewards may only be redeemed by the reward member and are non-transferable.

  • 14. Poachers Cottage may modify or substitute offer values and rewards of comparable value without notice.

  • 15. Poachers Cottage reserves the right to discontinue the Reward Programme at any time without notice. In the event the program is discontinued, at the business discretion, outstanding points earned and incentive offers made may still be honored.

  • 16. Poachers Cottage reserves the rights to discontinue membership privileges and void your point balance if any unauthorized points are accrued or redeemed.

  • 17. Poachers Cottage crew Members are not eligible for memberships.

  • 18. Additional restrictions may apply. Check with your store for details.